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My name is Robert Langley. I am a natural health researcher trying to help people break free of the stranglehold that pharmaceutical companies have on our health.
I Hope my sites can help people overcome their conditions such as eczema forever in a natural and safe way.

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Eczema Natural Remedy – Help to Cure Eczema Naturally

Hey, Are You Struggling With Unsightly, Itchy, Annoying Eczema?
If So, I Might Just Know an Eczema Natural Remedy That Can Help You…

Eczema Natural RemedyHey there. Welcome to my site, my name is Robert and I am a natural health researcher.

You are probably here because you suffer from eczema to some degree and are looking for a way to reduce that inflammation and stop the itching and swollen skin. It really is a horrible affliction that does more than just cause discomfort and pain, the ugliness of it can really effect your self esteem as well which is why many are searching for an eczema natural remedy.

I had a friend called Ken in fact who suffered from eczema. It was a large ugly red rash that often run from his arms right up his neck making him look like like a beetroot with a head on top (his words, not mine!).He did all the stuff the doctor told him to and had a cupboard full of ointments from the drugstore which worked in a limited fashion but Ken kept getting flare ups which was hurting his musical aspirations too. He was a music teacher but wanted to play live except he was so damned self conscious about the eczema you see.

Rachel Anderson

I lost touch with Ken but I wish I had been able to introduce him to someone who you should also check out. Her name is Rachel Anderson and she has suffered from eczema just like you and is also a skin care specialist who has devoted a great deal of time into developing an eczema natural remedy.

What I like about Rachel’s approach is that it comes from the school of thought that changes to lifestyle and healing yourself from the inside out are much more effective than the pharmaceutical companies idea that a single topical cream can cure you which is nonsense. Drug companies just hide sym,ptoms of conditions so you keep buying their crap is my opinion!

In any case, if you are tired of the continued flare ups and want to cure eczema naturally and have it gone for good I believe that Rachel may be able to help you out. Click below to visit her site and see what she has to say.

Visit Rachel Anderson’s “Eczema Free Forever” Official Site

Common Causes Of Dyshidrotic Eczema


Dyshidrotic eczema is a skin condition that causes the uncontrollable urge to itch.  By the time you are done, you may be left with a painful open sore.  One of the ways to stop outbreaks is to determine the cause of yours.  Get started by familiarizing yourself with the most common causes.  Avoiding common skin irritants and becoming familiar with natural dyshidrotic eczema treatments may provide prolonged relief.

Common Eczema Cause:  The Weather

For eczema sufferers, the weather not only determines their activities for the day, but it also determines what their skin will do.  The weather can work both ways.  Some patients experience complications with cold weather.  Sometimes, their body doesn’t have enough time to adjust to the cold weather before strenuous activity and then the skin becomes itchy.  On the other hand, hot weather can lead to an eczema outbreak.  In this case, it isn’t necessarily the weather, but the sweat caused by warm temperatures.

Common Eczema Cause:  Airborne Allergens

When we think of allergies, stuffy noses and sneezing often come to mind.  However, those suffering from <a href=”http://www.dyshidroticeczema.co”> dyshidrotic eczema</a> can have a skin reaction, which leads to itching and then a rash.  This results when the airborne allergen makes contact with the skin.  A good example is dust.  When during or vacuuming a home, tiny particles find their way into the air and on the skin.  This causes irritation, which leads to itching.

Common Eczema Cause:  Stress

Many medical professionals claim stress isn’t a cause of dyshidrotic eczema, but they do agree it can lead to an increase in outbreaks.  Who would know that stress impacts our skin?  It does.  Those who have a history of skin inflammation are encouraged to practice relaxation techniques.

Common Eczema Cause:  Certain Chemicals

Right about now, you may be thinking “but I don’t use harmful chemicals.”  It isn’t just harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation.  Chemicals found in everyday products, such as laundry detergent, makeup, and perfume can lead to an eczema outbreak.  This is due to the extremely close skin contact.

Common Eczema Cause:  Food

You have likely heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” and this is true.  You may be surprised to hear the foods that we eat can impact our skin.  Unfortunately, tasty foods, such as peanuts and seafood, are common trigger factors for those with <a href=”http://www.dyshidroticeczema.co”> dyshidrotic eczema</a>.

You now know a few of the most common causes of dyshidrotic eczema or atopic dermatitis, but now what?  Once you are able to determine the cause of your uncontrollable urge to itch, you can work on eliminating the trigger factor.  Until then, keep your body well moisturized and, as difficult as it is, fight the urge to itch.

Eczema Diet – Nutrition for Better Skin

Eczema Diet & NutritionEczema is not an illness; it is a departure form good health. Sounds controversial to some, but when you look at the facts this bears out. It is very easy and very tempting for us to look at a problem we have and blame external factors. A disease that we somehow caught, that it is somehow bad luck or something the world inflicted upon us. We do this all the time with health issues, stress, or anything that goes wrong with our lives.

The truth of the matter is that while you might be genetically predisposed to eczema, you have the power to cure it from the inside if you know how. This is where an Eczema Diet comes in because nutrition for eczema is a major part of steering your body back to good health allowing your body to fix your eczema!

Why is Eczema Nutrition so Important?

Studies have show that a great number of eczema sufferers have a level of malnutrition that is a major contributing factor. We often think of malnutrition as something that is an epidemic in 3rd world countries due to lack of food, or a lack of a good variety of food, but in more affluent countries we also have issues with getting the right nutrients.

Without the nutrients from a variety of good foods that we all need to be eating the body suffers. You might even think you are eating quite healthy, but if you are missing a few vital foods and the nutrients they provide in your diet this has a knock on effect to how all the other good stuff works in your body as well. What you put into your body works in synergy with each other you see. The greater number of different nutrients perform better than cramming your body full of just a few, or having too little of all of them. This is a case where the end result is greater than the sum of its parts.

The other part is that we often fill our bodies with counter productive foods that might have toxins that work against our natural healing powers. Toxins form many other parts of our environment are also to blame but some foods are laced with chemicals that are simply not good for us!

What is Involved in an Eczema Diet?

OK, so what is it you need to do to follow a natural eczema remedy diet that will make a real difference? It can be quite involved when you get into it, but for the purposes of this article I wanted to outline a few key foods, or food types that you should avoid, and a few you should definitely get more of – and of course WHY you need to get rid of them or eat more of them.

 Foods To Avoid or Reduce on a Diet for Eczema

  • White Bread is Bad for EczemaWheat – Especially breads with white bread being some of the worst for you. Not only does it cause more allergic reactions it is high GI which poses a lot of other problems.
  • Caffeine – In coffee and in cola and energy drinks. They are all terrible for eczema.
  • Nuts – Nuts are not a bad thing for the body, but they can cause allergic reactions for many which Can result in eczema flare ups. You can experiment with nuts to see if they are bad for you or not but make them unsalted.
  • Coffee makes Eczema WorseSeafood – Like nuts, seafood in moderation is good for you. Some foods especially shellfish can cause harm in eczema sufferers though so again reduce the intake and see if it helps.
  • Processed Foods – This is the worst offender. When foods get processed from their natural state they lose a massive amount of essential nutrients. Things that arer packaged or have been altered from their natural state greatly are not good at all! There are too many offenders to name but watch out for ones with added preservatives and colouring.
  • SpicesSpices – Curries, chili, and a wide variety of spices can play havoc with your body. Again not a terrible thing in moderation but some people especially with eczema suffer bad reactions to them.
  • Acidic Fruits – Some more acidic fruits can cause problems as well even though they can be healthy. Too much acidic fruit can acidify your body which prefers to be more alkaline (more on this in a bit). Eat them in moderation.

Water for Eczema ReliefFoods To Increase on an Eczema Diet

  •  Fatty Acids – There have been some studies that have show a lack of fatty acids in eczema sufferers diets. This can be remedied in many ways but some experts have suggested that along with eating foods that promote this, taking Flax-seed oil will also bring about a better balance.
  • Water – Water is something often overlooked when working out a good diet plan. Especially when it comes to the health of your skin, the old H2O is an amazing tool to help you achieve better health.
  • AlkAlkaline Foods for Eczemaaline Foods – As mentioned before the body prefers to be a little more alkaline than acidic. This can be achieved by reducing acidic foods which are quite often the ones mentioned above, and increasing your intake of more alkaline foods. There are a wide variety of foods that do this, mostly vegetables, but many others than can aid your bodies immune system and reduce the acid and toxins in your bloodstream. For more information on Alkaline foods click here.

As you can se there are a lot less do’s than do not’s. This is because iof the unique nature of eczema and some of the foods that are known problems, and the fact that it is more about eliminating the bad foods than choosing good foods. Stopping processed foods means picking up fresh foods for instance so I did not include that twice. By eliminating the problems foods and replacing them with a wide range of healthy nutrition foods you will go a long way to curing your eczema and stopping even slight malnutrition that might be plaguing you. For more information on all aspects opf getting rid of eczema though click below for my recommended guidebook on the subject.

Eczema Free Forever

Psoriasis Natural Remedy – Linked to Eczema Treatments or Not?

One thing that many people with an awful scaly skin condition wonder is whether they have psoriasis or eczema, and if so, what is the difference – and does a psoriasis natural remedy also have the same effects as eczema natural treatments. This can be very confusing to many people suffering from these problems, made even worse because many doctors also cannot tell the difference between these conditions which does NOT inspire much confidence!

Firstly we must look at the difference between psoriasis and eczema to really understand the similarities and differences because they are not the same despite their similarities. They are both a kind of dermatitis which translates directly to mean “skin inflammation”. Lets look at the difference between these inflammatory conditions.

psoriasis natural remedy

Psoriasis generally looks like a scaly, dry skin that is raised from the skin and quite itchy. This can lead you to scratch and break the skin causing infections and oozing which can make it look a little more like eczema. Common locations for psoriasis to occur are the elbows, hands, feet, and lower back. Some people have reported psoriasis on the scalp as well but it is not as common. Furthermore, it has been known to cause arthritis like symptoms of the joints as well.

eczema natural treatments

Eczema on the other hand also causes reddened splotches on the skin – however these are usually weeping and even mroe itchy if that is possible. Eczema tends to be more blister like than the dry discolours scaliness of psoriasis. As you can see from these descriptions they are quite similar, but have thier own differences. The root cause of both can be genetic, however psoriasis is often more rooted in genetics than eczema which is often more of a symptom of outside effects. Both need external and internal natural dermatitis treatment.


So when it comes to treating psoriasis and eczema naturally what is the best response? Just what works for both, and what is needed for each individual case?

One thing that is common to both is to make sure to keep the affected areas clean using non-irritant soap and avoiding other chemicals that might irritate and inflame. What you eat is also important, though diet seems to be a greater part of a psoriasis natural remedy whereas skin care seems more important for eczema. Both are needed for both conditions though.

Exactly what you need to do is too big a topic for this little blog though, you can get some much better advice about psoriasis treatment from this site though: Psoriasis Free for Life

3 Eczema Natural Remedies You Can Use Immediately

Today I just wanted to share a few simple tips you can use as eczema natural remedies to help you fight back against your condition without drugs or anything that will cost a fortune or take a lot of time too.

eczema natural remedies


Both from the inside and out. Lack of hydration is a major problem for eczema sufferers but there are also restrictions on how you should go about this for best results.

  • Take short baths or showers not long ones
  • Use lukewarm water not hot or cold water
  • Avoid scented shampoos and soaps and opt for organic and natural alternatives
  • Apply natural lotions and creams that lock in moisture after bathing
  • Drink plenty of water all through the day which works from within and also flushes out toxins from your body


Yes, what you eat for breakfast is also good for your skin. Surprised? I know I was when I learned this! Oatmeal has a calming and soothing effect on your skin and is dirt cheap.

Try adding 2-3 cups of organic oatmeal to a lukewarm bath and you can bathe a lot longer than you could in a regular bath as you will not aggravate your condition.

Food for Thought

Many foods can help fight against eczema and others can help to make it worse. The problem is that this can be different fro person to person! There are strong links between eczema and certain food allergies so you really need to be aware of what you are eating to find the culprits.

Some common. Foods that cause eczema include: Gluten, dairy products, certain food additives and seeded fruits. It could be many other things though so it is recommended tat you keep a food diary and make note of what you have been eating when flare ups occur. Then it is a matter of trial and error to remove one food type at a time form your diet to see which might be a problem food for you.

There are many more eczema natural remedies you should be aware of but these are some very important and easy to implement once you should know.

Are Natural Home Remedies For Eczema Safe?

One problem that some people suffering from conditions such as eczema may be wary of is knowing if natural home remedies for eczema are safe or not. This is justified because taking your own health into your own hands beyond the usually eat well and exercise stuff does carry some risk. However my opinion is that this is quite minimal as long as you do a little bit of research.

Natural eczema home remedies in fact can be safer than a more drug based solution because they are made of natural substances and as long as you follow the medical guidelines on how much to take of any herbs or natural components they are safer than prescription drugs which have been known to have much worse side effects!

One thing to be aware of however is if you are allergic to certain substances which means you should not use or inject ANYTHING including drugs or natural remedies before you know what your body can handle. Always consult a medical professional on how you can determine what you are allergic to or not before applying anything you read.

However there are also many aspects of natural home remedies for eczema that are as safe as you can get. Nutritional changes are a big part of solving the immune system puzzle that is the root cause of eczema and does not involve anything complicated or erroneous other than eating certain foods and drinking certain things. Other methods of treating eczema are also very safe such as making your own salves out of very innocuous items.

So overall a home remedy for your eczema condition is just as safe as any other method as long as you have a good guide on what to use and are aware of your bodies own limitations.

Eczema Herbal Remedy – Can They Reduce Eczema?

A part of eczema natural remedies are herbs and herbal treatments. However there are many scams out there that promote some little known herb as some sort of magic pill to cure a range of conditions and illnesses. An eczema herbal remedy however is not like this as it is only a part of a bigger picture that is a complete solution to your particular problem with eczema.

You see eczema is actually a disorder of the immune system not a skin condition as many people think it is (understandably). A single herbal remedy cannot fix this nor can a single herb cure the symptoms of eczema such as rashes and skin irritation. They can help in both these regards however.

So some eczema herbal remedies include:

  • Aloe Vera – Many people have heard of this and for good reason. This plant has excellent soothing properties for the skin and also helps revitalize it. Used for many skin disorders this can help with the most immediate problems of eczema.
  • Gotu Kola – More useful for psoriasis this herb is also very good at reducing itching and redness in the skin.
  • Olive Leaf - This plant is an excellent antiseptic which means it can help ward off infection and bacteria which can be problematic if you break the skin due to itching.
  • Red Clover – This is also a highly recommended herb because it is an antioxidant which can remove toxins and has been used with some success to alleviate skin conditions.
  • Burdock – This herb is good for reducing inflammation and also destroys inulin which has been linked to eczema outbreaks. You can make a tea from this which is easy to make and drink.
  • Neem – Another powerful immune booster which can be taken internally or can be used externally to salve eczema outbreaks also.
  • There are many other herbs that can be used as part of an eczema natural remedy but these are some that I used and have helped some other people I know also.

    What Is an Eczema Natural Remedy Exactly?

    If you have eczema or a family member does then you are probably well aware of the pain, irritation and embarrassment over this nasty condition. If you are like me then you may have an interest in an eczema natural remedy because you may have used many different types of drugs and creams and have found little to no difference in your eczema.

    Just what are natural eczema remedies though? This is a question I myself asked when I found so many uses of such words to describe a whole assortment of products, techniques and sometimes even scams! One reason I have set this site up is to explain what real natural remedies are and what are misleading garbage at least in regards to eczema.

    So what are Natural Remedies for Eczema?

    The phrase natural remedy is a way to describe practices in treating eczema that only uses natural ingredients and methods. This means all parts of these remedies must be found in nature and not produces in a laboratory.

    This is not to be confused with a home remedy which simply states any remedy that should be done or applied in your own home. However most natural eczema treatments are usually home remedies also though you may need to collect or buy the ingredients wherever you can to use them.

    Some common natural remedies for various conditions include essential oils, flowers, herbs and foods.

    So what remedies fight off eczema naturally?

    This is where things get a bit more complicated. If the answer to treating eczema was as simple as using a single herb or eating a single type of food then it would be common knowledge. The problem with eczema is that the root causes of flare ups of eczema are different for everyone so the solutions may vary from person to person.

    However the root cause of eczema is not these “trigger” conditions. These are actually a knock on effect from a deeper issue which is related to your immune system … not your skin!

    As such an eczema natural remedy is a combination of different methods to stop flare ups and then a concentrated effort to end the immune disorder which can be done with dietary changes and lifestyle changes to avoid certain chemicals and toxins also.